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“As a student in my final year in college, I have sat a lot of exams and have usually done quite well. However, because of one exam, I ended up developing a complete negative frame of mind towards them. When the concerns built up overtime, I was terrified at the thought of even opening an exam paper.

I approached Stephen with my concern and attended a Mind Coaching Session with him. I wasn’t really sure what to expect but I can’t believe the results. Within a short period of time, Stephen had given me the tools to literally change the thinking process of my brain. Instead of constantly thinking the negative side of things, I was able to look at the positives in every situation. By the time my exams came around I was actually looking forward to getting through them because I knew no matter what came at me I would be able to use my new techniques and attempt everything.

I honestly could not recommend this service enough. I never even realised the brain could be thought in this way but I am so glad I found it. My family and friends claim that I’m a happier and more positive person and that’s so important.

Thank you Stephen.”


WIT Student

“Stephen helped me overcome a long-standing fear of public speaking. Public speaking is an integral part of my job but for years I suffered extreme fear running up to and during each talk. I feared what people were thinking of me as I spoke. I was afraid that I would make a mistake and look stupid. I was afraid I would forget everything. I would normally get through each talk OK by reading a script (with little or no ad-libbing) but there were some complete disasters when I had no notes written and I panicked and could not proceed.

Unlike what I was told by many, the nerves did not lessen with more experience. The stress of an impending talk would take over many days/weeks in advance. I began to think that because of this fear my career would not progress. Stephen helped me realize that as long as I was prepared and enthusiastic about what I was going to say, nothing else mattered. Im sure he must have said some other things which helped me unconsciously but whatever it was it worked immediately. My very next talk went amazingly: I felt uneasy an hour before the talk, and just at the start, but nothing like the waves of panic that were usual before and during every talk in the past. for most of the talk I was completely calm, I even spoke without my notes a lot of the time. I couldn’t believe the change!

I had never believed good speakers before who said that they, too, got nervous. I now know what ‘normal’ nerves feel like – they are manageable, are a normal part of life and help us do things better.”

Mary P

“Before I came to Stephen I was in a difficult place in my life, I was suffering from anxiety more often than not and always focusing on the negatives, my hands would shake under stress, and I had been unemployed for a long time with little or no prospects at all.

After making the choice of approaching Stephen about my problems, my life changed in ways that are too numerous to count. I have since went back to college and I now take myself seriously enough to do my very best. If I get nervous about anything, I know that is a natural reaction and it shouldn’t be repressed. For most of my life I had a problem with shaky hands, be it handing a cup to someone, playing guitar in front of people, or carrying a tray to a table. If I thought they were going to shake, they would start to do so and do so rapidly. Since seeing Stephen, I realized that this affliction was a learned pattern…a pattern I could break.

I now have gained control over the problems that previously had me crippled with anxiety. The sense of relief that I felt once I realized that I am in complete control of my mind and the thoughts that occupy it is too powerful to describe in words. I would happily recommend Stephen to anyone who has an affliction that they feel is hindering their life. It has helped me immeasurably, even in ways I hadn’t anticipated. At the time of our first meeting I was overweight, and with Stephen’s help I was able to discover the self belief required to make the necessary changes in order to lose weight. If you want to change your life, you can.

Thank you Stephen.”


WIT Student

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