Master Your Mind

Changing Minds...Changing Lives


Coming from a hotel and tourism background Stephen decided it was time to broaden his horizon and follow his passion for studying human behavior which led him to the field of NLP.

Stephen is an approved Happiness Habit Trainer and certified member of The International Association of Mind Coaches. He is also a qualified NLP master practitioner and certified Mind Coach with The Irish Institute of NLP and a RYS 200 certified yoga teacher.

Using the techniques of NLP Stephen works closely with the client to move them from their present undesired state to a more desired state of mind that will benefit them in a more productive way going forward, in other words helping them to achieve their goals.

So what’s NLP?
Nuero linguistic Programming is a study and a methodology of how our brains are programmed by our own internal representation (self talk and image making) and outside world programming ( be it media,tv,facebook,parents the list is endless). Using the techniques of NLP Stephen will enable clients to collapse old limiting beliefs and replace them with new improving beliefs and gaining multiple perspectives thus enriching there map or model of the world.

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